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Where to do yoga in Nairobi: A Review of Yoga With Kui

Wondering where to find yoga in Narobi, Kenya?

This post will tell you where to find amazing hatha yoga in Narobi, and more specifically, why you must try a class with Kui!

Yoga with Kui: Hatha yoga in Nairobi

After maintaining a home-based practice for nearly one year, I had been craving collective moment and direction through teacher-led yoga. During my one-months stay in Nairobi to renew my passport, I was thrilled to find ‘Yoga with Kui’, just steps away from where I was staying in the quiet neighbourhood of Karen. I decided to take the plunge and try Kui’s classes for the month.

Yoga in Narobi

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During my first class, Kui welcomed us and began by telling a brief story from her yoga journey. She eventually travelled to Rishikesh, India to learn from the source and still remains in touch with her Indian guru today.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will present herself”, she mused.

Somehow I felt as though she was talking directly to me.

Yoga had always just been a source of exercise for me, yet more recently I felt a significant shift and I found myself practicing more and more for the mental and spiritual affects. It was a way to not only stay focused and aligned with my goals, but to achieve balance and feel grounded while doing a PhD and maintaining a hectic, semi-nomadic lifestyle.

I was ready.

In one month of attending classes with Kui (roughly 4-5 times per week) I noticed a significant difference in my strength and flexibility. Asanas that I once despised (ahem…chair pose) for their difficulty, were suddenly manageable! I was even able to achieve certain postures, like headstand, that I’d never before had the courage to practice.

The biggest shift was in my overall wellness: I was feeling creatively inspired, sleeping better and felt more connected to my breath than I’ve ever been.

Although returning to Tanzania (with a new passport in hand) was exciting, I was sad to leave my new-found yoga community and teacher.

Yoga with Kui: What to Bring

Kui provides yoga mats, though I personally use this one by Jade and love it for its thick, ‘grippable’ surface.

If you are just getting started with yoga, you don’t need brand new clothes or a mat, just come as you are in comfortable athletic clothing that you can bend and move in. There is a water cooler onsite, but you may want to bring your own bottle (I use this reusable travel one by platypus).

Yoga with Kui: Contact

Kui offers Hatha yoga classes Monday through Friday at 9:00 and 6:00 and on Saturdays at 10:00 (except for Wednesday evenings). The 6:00pm class on Wednesdays is an ashtanga class, taught by Jamo. Rates start at 1000ksh for drop in or 7000ksh for the monthly membership.

If you are ready to learn, you are most welcome to the shala which is located in the quiet and leafy neighbourhood of Karen (it’s in the same compound as the riding school on Marula lane).

Yoga in Narobi

Get directions here

For more information, visit Kui’s website.


This post was sponsored by Yoga with Kui.

As always, all opinions are my own.

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