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Launching a Business during the Pandemic: My New Virtual Yoga Studio

It’s no big secret that the travel industry has suffered in 2020. The long term impacts remain to be seen, but many travel writers have had to make a pivot to a new niche, new project or new job all together as a result of their incomes and web traffic tanking.

My pivot has been a long time coming. The truth is, my lifestyle of constant travel wasn’t sustainable. There were times in the past few years where I was in a new country every month, and while I am so grateful for the countless adventures I’ve had, the constant moving around and juggling so many demands was impacting my health. The pandemic forced me to slow down and rest, and I am definitely healthier for it.

The result has been a 180 degree pivot. I turned on a dime and took a sharp U-Turn y’all.

It is my pleasure to introduce my pandemic passion project and new business: The Akash Between virtual yoga studio.

I’ve been working away on an island in Greece creating this new business and I’m so excited to share it with you!

The Akash Between: My New Virtual Yoga Studio

The Akash Between is a conscious virtual yoga studio and global community.

Akash roughly translates from Sanskrit to aether or space. The Akash Between is the space between.

The space between might mean something different to everyone: a spiritual place of internal stability or calmness; the gentle pause between your thoughts and actions; a mental ‘middle space’ of neutrality; a special gathering place.

Our community is working to create a safe and supportive space between for all members. Together, we believe we can make yoga more accessible, inclusive and equitable.

Virtual Yoga Classes

The Akash Between virtual yoga studio now has a team of 12 instructors from around the world so you can take a yoga class from India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Myanmar, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Colombia and Canada!

You can join our daily live-streamed classes via Zoom or browse our library of full-length, ad-free class recordings from our secure Google Classroom. This 2-way approach ensures our yoga is engaging, supportive and flexible to fit within your busy life!


Community is a central value here at the Akash Between. We believe cultivating a sense of collective belonging within community is one of the pillars to wellness, as well as community being essential to enacting social justice.

Giving back to our communities is therefore one of our company missions and a way we are working to make yoga more accessible. Here are just a few of the initiatives we will be rolling out through our karma program.

1. Our yoga scholarships are open to BIPOC, non-binary folx, &/or individuals from low-income countries. The THREE successful recipients will receive a free ANNUAL membership to the studio, one 30min 1:1 session and monthly check-ins.

2. Each month we will select one small non-profit organization or charitable foundation from one of our communities worldwide and collectively support them through raising awareness and raising funds. We’ll offer a ‘by-donation’ community class with 100% of the proceeds going towards the organization.

3. We will host free community classes for BIPOC every other week via Zoom, taught by a BIPOC teacher.


As a virtual yoga studio does not require the leasing of a physical space, our classes are much more affordable than in-person studios. Our monthly memberships start at a founders rate of $30 CAD/ month! I am giving my readers an exclusive discount, so if you would like to try out the studio, you can take %10 off at check out with the coupon code PRESALE.

I would love for you to join me on this new journey and I hope to have the honour of meeting you on the mat!

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