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Unique Travel Gifts for the Female Traveller

Looking for unique travel gifts for the female in your life who loves to travel? This handy guide breaks down travel themed or related products by budget — simply click on the images to shop.

Most of the products are available on Amazon for your convenience. If you have yet to take advantage of Amazon Prime, you can get a free 30 trial to access complimentary shipping by using this link.

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Unique Travel Gifts for the Female Traveller

Budget: under $20

Solid Shampoo Bar – $9.50

A game changer for long-term travel, this solid shampoo bar is vegan, all-natural and cruelty-free. For those wanting to reduce their plastic consumption, this is a great option!

Luggage Tag – $9.99

Help your travel friend stand out with this cute luggage tag!

Waterproof Cosmetics Bag – $10.99

This cosmetics bag is unique in the sense that it is vertical, so all of your items can sit upright in their containers. In the case that things do leak, the bag itself is waterproof.

Wine Bottle Insulators – $11.95 (2 set)

For the vino loving traveller, these wine bottle insulators are genius!

Bamboo Travel utensils – $12.99

A reusable utensil and straw set is a great gift idea for the traveller wanting to cut out plastics. I personally travel with utensils as I am often eating on-the-go so I can speak from experience that these come in handy.

Infinity Scarf with hidden zipper – $12.99

This travel scarf has a hidden zipped pocket to stash cash or keys…put your pick-pocket worries to rest!

Passport Holder – $13.90 

A cute travel themed passport holder is always a solid gift idea. This will help to keep all boarding passes and ticket stubs organized while traveling internationally.

Travel Wallet – $13.99

We don’t always need to bring our entire wallet on a trip (for example, who needs their clubs and membership cards while abroad?). This travel wallet is designed to fit the essentials, including a smartphone phone!

Travel Planner – $14.98

This cute travel planner fuels wanderlust, with space to plan everything from an itinerary down to the logistics of travel.

Wireless Headphones – $16.69

Headphones are an absolute must for travel and these wireless, bluetooth ones are a great, affordable option!

Universal Adapter – $17.98

With 4 USB ports and convertible plugs for 150 different countries, charge up faster with this handy universal adapter.

Packing Cubes – $19.99

Packing cubes have been an absolute game changer for me and are one of the strategies I use to pack lighter. Packing cubes are a great gift idea and can even double as storage containers in every day life.

Budget: $20-50

BUFF UV Protection Head and Neck Ware – $17.41

If you haven’t heard of BUFF, you need to! This is one of my most versatile travel items and is always on my packing list, for everything from keeping my hair back while hiking or keeping my neck warm while snowboarding, to an eye mask while backpacking. Right now I am using mine in Tanzania to keep my hair protected under shared motorcycle helmets or on dirty bus rides.

Turkish Towel – $23.90

Forget a microfibre bath towel; Turkish towels are ultra soft, meaning it can double as a blanket or shawl on a plane.

World Map Laptop Sleeve – $26.00

This travel themed laptop sleeve is so unique and will protect you or the female traveller in your life’s computer while on-the-go.

Saje roll-on essential oils – $26.99

I personally LOVE Saje products and stocked up on a bunch of their 100% natural essential oils before relocating to Tanzania this year. Their ‘sleep-well’ remedy is a true lifesaver for long haul travel and comes in a convenient roll on size.

JOCO glass coffee cup – $26.95

These reusable glass coffee containers are designed to reduce the consumption of single use coffee cups. They are small enough to take while traveling, perfect to use at airports, while sight-seeing or in your everyday life.

Scratch off World Map – $28.99

What a creative idea for someone who loves to travel! Help the traveller in your life keep track of the countries they have visited with this scratch off world map.

Personalized Coordinates Necklace – $47.74

I received this necklace as a gift with the coordinates to my hometown before moving to Tanzania and I haven’t taken it off in nearly 6 months. It is such a thoughtful gift, especially for the female traveller who is gone for months on end.

Polaroid Camera – $49.99

The Fujifilm instax polaroid camera kicks it back old-school with instant polaroid images — perfect for the traveler or instagrammer wanting to make a unique statement.

Portable Laundry Pack – $49.99

Scrubba is a portable laundry system for backpackers to use on the road.  In just 3 minutes, clothes come out clean and smelling fresh and at only 145g, it is perfect for those traveling light.

Budget: over $50

Anker Power Bank – $50.00

I have been using this power bank for a year now and absolutely love it. With two usb ports, I can charge my phone and GoPro at the same time. Plus it lasts for quite a while with multiple charges, so it’s super useful on airplanes or buses, or during the many power cuts that happen here in Tanzania. It’s a little expensive but so far has been worth it in my personal experience.

Osprey Backpack – $59.99

The exact model of the infamous ‘pink backpack’ – I have used this Osprey pack almost daily for nearly 3 years and still love it (why I think it’s the best daypack for women). This backpack is ready for any adventure!

4-Wheel Rolling Luggage – $69.99

If you’re not sure that the female traveller in your life would love a backpack, this 4-wheel carry-on suitcase is a winner. With 360 degree rotation and a hard case, it is sturdy and oh-so pretty!

BOXD Gift Boxes – $75.00

At BOXD, you can send your friend or loved one a thoughtfully curated gift box (like the care package gift box) or build your own gift box right from their website. They even have a vegan line of goodies you can select from to treat your favourite vegan traveller! Shipping is available throughout the UK.

Kindle E-Reader – $129.99 

The new Kindle E-reader is now waterproof and comes with a 6-month FREE kindle plan from Amazon, which includes free reading and audio downloads. If you aren’t sure what to get the travel loving female in your life, give the gift of reading this year!

Multi-way Travel Dress – $168.00

Encircled is a Canadian ethical clothing brand which uses sustainably sourced materials to create locally tailored designs for women. Their Chrysalis cardi is a multiway garment that can be worn in over 8 different styles. Use this link for $20 off your purchase.

Image curtesy of Encircled

I have a full review on the Chrysalis cardi which outlines why I love it for travel if you would like to read more.

SkyRoam Remote Wifi Router – $149.99

This remote wifi router can be used on a pay-as-you-go or unlimited basis in over 130 countries! Never have to get a local SIM card or find wifi again with this baby! Simply top up credits with these reloadable cards.

GoPro Hero Camera – $396

I’ve been using my GoPro Hero camera for over two years now and it’s still my absolute go-to for solo photography. While it is definitely a little pricey, it is an investment; since it is waterproof, it’s the most versatile piece of equipment I use for active and adventurous travel.

Full disclosure: I use the GoPro Hero 5 but the newest one on the market is the 7. If you have a smaller budget you may want to look at the older models, but I wouldn’t recommend going below a 5 as they don’t have screens.

More Unique Ideas:

Virtual Yoga Membership – $30.00-360.00

Give the gift of yoga this year with an unlimited membership to a virtual yoga studio! The Akash Between is my new conscious virtual studio offering daily live-streamed yoga and meditation classes taught by teachers from around the world. Classes are accessible for all ability levels and within multiple timezones.

Memberships gift cards are available from one month ($30), two month ($60), three month ($90), six month ($180) and 12 months ($360).

Rosetta Stone Subscription

I have an entire blog post dedicated to how I learned Swahili with Rosetta Stone. If you have a traveller in your life wanting to learn a new language, this is a gift idea that will definitely please them!

Happy Shopping! 

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