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Travel Update: Interning in Tanzania

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To those who know me best, this post isn’t much of an update – but for everyone else, I am SO excited to announce that I am heading off to Tanzania for the next 3 months.

After a brief layover in Morroco, I will be living in Mwanza, Tanzania, to participate in an internship through my University and complete research and writing for my PhD. I cannot wait to explore the beauty of Tanzania’s natural landscapes and wildlife, as well as its unique culture (and of course to blog about it).

Although I am so excited for the journey ahead and can anticipate how positive the experience will be in so many ways, I must admit preparing for this trip was a little stressful.

But between getting immunizations, prescriptions, visas, travel insurance, changing around several service plans, watching one of my best girlfriends get married and spending quality time with family and friends, life has been crazy busy!

As much as I am excited to go, I am sad to leave – and the uncertainty of how I feel is perhaps the most stressful part of it all. The truth is, despite the fact that this isn’t my first trip abroad alone, I still feel the same nervous and anxious feelings before leaving. The allure of the unknown and the novelty of a diverse place are both nerve wracking and thrilling – all at the same time.

Have you been to Tanzania?

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