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Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Female Traveller

Looking for a few sustainable gift ideas for the female traveller in your life? This handy guide breaks down sustainable products geared towards females who love to travel by budget — simply click on the images to shop.

Most of the products are available on Amazon for your convenience.

Sustainable gift ideas for the female traveller

Budget: under $20

Travel utensil set – $7.75

A reusable utensil and straw set is a great gift idea for the traveller wanting to cut out plastics. I personally travel with utensils as I am often eating on-the-go so I can speak from experience that these come in handy often!

Bamboo toothbrush (set of 4) – $9.99 

Help the female traveller in your life consume less plastic with these bamboo toothbrushes. The packaging is 100% zero waste and can be composted.

Solid shampoo bar – $10.00

A solid shampoo bar is the perfect gift idea for the conscious female traveller. This one is organic, vegan, cruelty free and has zero plastic packaging. Plus, it’s label can be recycled.

Travel towel – $21.95

These Turkish towels cute, fast drying and are great for travel at just 13 oz (370 grams) so they even make sense for the minimalist packer.

Dr. Brommer Castille soap – $21.95 (3-pack)

I personally love this soap for my ultra sensitive skin, to the extent that I brought multiple bars with me to Tanzania. As a minimalist traveller, I like that I can also use it as shampoo, laundry soap and even dish soap in a pinch. Plus, the packaging can be composted!

BUFF UV Protection Head and Neck Ware – $22.42

If you haven’t heard of BUFF, you need to! With every purchase you are supporting BUFF’s “two million trees campaign” where they will quite literally be planting two million trees worldwide, particularly focusing on Madagascar, India, Malawi, Borneo and Kenya.

This is one of my most versatile travel items and is always on my packing list, for everything from keeping my hair back while hiking or keeping my neck warm while snowboarding, to an eye mask while backpacking. Right now I am using mine in Tanzania to keep my hair clean under shared motorcycle helmets or on dirty bus rides.

Recycled Travel journal – $24.99

Paperage journals are only made from 100% reclaimed paper. Reclaimed paper is even better than recycled because it diverts paper from the waste stream entirely, without an energy-consuming process to pulp and re-make waste paper into recycled paper. The eco-friendly female traveller in your life will love this concept!

DoTERRA TerraShield Insect Repellant Spray – $26.67

For travellers headed to regions know for mosquitos, this all-natural blend of essential oils is a wonderful insect repellant! While it is quite expensive for one bottle, it is very effective, non-greasy and smells great. I used it religiously every night to protect myself from mosquitos in Tanzania (a malaria region) and 2 bottles lasted me for 3 months.

For those concerned about plastic consumption, I’m not sure if doTERRA has a recycling program, but the bottle is less than 100mL, so you can simply reuse and refill it with other products before airplane travel.

Budget: $30-50

COOLA Organic Sunscreen (2-pack) – $32.00

COOLA is an organic, all-natural suncare brand from California, who promote the use of sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Their products are parabens, GMO and oxybenzone free and instead include antioxidant rich plant-based formulas.

Diva Cup – $32.99

I have an entire blog post dedicated to using the Diva Cup while traveling. It might seem like an odd gift to give, but if the female traveller in your life is interested in sustainability and eco-travel, I guarantee she will love this concept. It is one of my most highly rated travel items and something I simply can’t live without.

Lifestraw water bottle – $39.99

Lifestraw water bottles filter water-borne bacteria and parasites from your water so this is great for travel (I used this while living in Tanzania for one year). Plus, it helped me avoid buying plastic bottles or using a plastic airline cup by using this bottle while traveling!

YETI insulated coffee mug – $45.00

These reusable coffee cups are designed to reduce the consumption of single use coffee cups. They are small enough to take while traveling, perfect to use at airports or while sight-seeing or in your everyday life.

Reusable razor (safety razor) – $48.39

Think of how many plastic razors you have thrown away in your life time. A reusable safety razor is a great alternative to traditional plastic ones and will actually be more cost-effective for your travel friend in the long term.

Budget: over $50

TOMS Vegan shoes – $68.00

Did you know that TOMS now offers vegan shoes and sandals? Plus, after purchasing a pair of TOMS, they will provide one pair of new shoes to a child in need (they have donated over 86 million pairs of shoes to date).

Anker solar power bank – $69.99

Use less resources from the communities you visit with this Anker solar power charging bank. I have been using their traditional model for a year now and love it, but the solar option is great for remote areas with limited electricity, such as with backcountry hiking or camping or in some communities with frequent power cuts.

Kindle E-Reader – $109.99

The new Kindle E-reader is now waterproof and comes with a 6-month FREE kindle plan from Amazon, which includes free reading and audio downloads. If you aren’t sure what to get the travel loving female in your life, give the gift of sustainable reading this year!

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