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SafetyWing: Digital Nomad Travel Insurance

This post describes SafetyWing travel insurance for digital nomads.

I have been traveling solo for over 10 years, and living the digital nomad lifestyle since 2018. Traveling full-time as a lifestyle is the ultimate adventure, and I would never trade my experiences for the world, but it definitely has its own unique considerations: like how will you manage your health, or unanticipated emergencies, when you are so far from your home country? 

I have personally used SafetyWing for several years because they offer travel insurance designed to meet the unique needs of digital nomads (location independent remote workers that can work anywhere that there’s wifi). It’s kept me safe while living abroad, and in my adventure activities like scuba diving abroad.

Here are the unique benefits of SafetyWing’s nomad insurance:

SafetyWing Benefit #1: Global Coverage

SafetyWing covers 180 countries, providing protection for travellers in almost every corner of the world. This is perfect for nomads that don’t like to plan ahead or travellers that know they will be going from country to country. 

SafetyWing Benefit #2: Affordability

SafetyWing offers nomad insurance through a subscription-based model at a reasonable monthly rate of $45.08. I prefer the month-to-month style as it feels more manageable than to pay a huge amount up front, and I like that I can cancel any time if my plans change (in fact, if you cancel before your policy starts, you get a full refund). 

Benefit #3: Wide Coverage

SafetyWing’s nomad insurance provides coverage for unexpected illness or injury, including eligible expenses for hospital, doctor visits or prescription drugs, and emergency travel-related benefits, such as emergency medical evacuation. It also extends to trip cancellations or interruptions, and lost checked luggage.

SafetyWing Benefit #4: Adventure Sports Coverage

The Nomad Insurance covers amateur sports and activities, such as scuba diving or surfing, if you are ‘adequately supervised and appropriate safety equipment is worn at all times’. This is a huge stand-out feature, as most travel insurance policies will not cover adventure sports! 

Additionally, the policy covers eligible medical expenses from moped/scooter accidents if you are properly licensed for the area where you are driving and you are wearing proper safety gear such as a helmet. Driving while intoxicated and racing are excluded.

I recommend checking to make sure your driver’s license is accepted in the country you are traveling to, or apply for an international driver’s license. 

Benefit #5: 

SafetyWing offers 24/7 global assistance. While I have personally never had an emergency requiring global assistance, I have used their online chat service and it was honestly really helpful to get the information I needed. 

More and more people are realizing the potential to work remotely from anywhere! SafetyWing recognizes this trend and offers travel insurance coverage for digital nomads, designed by digital nomads! 

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