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5 Photos to Inspire you to Visit the Canadian Rocky Mountains

The mountains are on my mind. This week marks a year that I left Western Canada, where I lived in Calgary, Alberta – a city with the luxury of the magnificent Rocky Mountains being right in its backyard.

Hiking was a treasured past time for me, an escape from the city and an outlet from working full time. I miss the mountains immensely! I was able to go back and visit a few months ago so stay tuned for those photos! But for now, because I am in a nostalgic mood, here are 5 photos to inspire you to visit the place I love so much!

MORAINE LAKE – Alberta, Canada

Pull up those socks and prepare to scramble up a steep incline of loose rock at the Tower of Babel – I assure you, the view from 1400 ft up is totally worth it!!




PEYTO PEAK – Alberta, Canada

Lose the tourists at the look out deck and take the trail that wraps behind the lake – the vast beauty of the mountains and turquoise lake from up above will make up for the extra distance!!





CHESTER LAKE – Alberta, Canada

Either walk or snow shoe up the trail to Chester Lake, a hidden gem surrounded by stunning mountain peaks!





LAKE LOUISE – Alberta, Canada

The iconic Lake Louise is not to be missed at any time of year! The photo speaks for itself!




RAWSON LAKE – Alberta, Canada

Take the trail up to another sheltered lake amidst the mountains – enjoy a quiet lunch or a quick dip in the clear water (if you’re brave enough; its ice cold)!




Have you been to the Canadian Rocky Mountains? 


P.s. The top photo is NAHIHI RIDGE in Kananaskis – Alberta, Canada



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TheWanderingMontanan said:
Amazing pictures! The Canadian Rockies are one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, and they're an outdoorsman's fantasy! It's hard to believe Peyto and Lake Louise's water really is that color, but really there isn't even any need for photo editing it's crazy, love Canada such a beautiful place! I'm curious what your favorite part of Canada is that you've traveled to? ?
April 4, 2017 at 5:43 pm
Janis said:
Great article with beautiful pictures. The water colour is amazing.
April 20, 2016 at 6:38 am