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Malaika Beach Resort – Mwanza, Tanzania

With an infinity pool, swim up bar and lush lounge chairs, Malaika Beach Resort is the perfect place to relax and escape from the hectic epicentre of Mwanza city. With a public holiday as the perfect excuse to disconnect for a day, we decided to head over to Malaika and catch some sun.


Malaika Beach Resort, Mwanza Tanzania

Malaika beach resort - mwanza, tanzania

Getting there: 

Malaika is approximately a 20 minute drive from Mwanza’s main roundabout (‘Fish circle’/’Samaki circle’).

You have two options: 1) Hop on a ‘piki piki’ motor bike for 6000 Tsh per ride (approx. 4 CAD), or 2) Expect to pay between 15-20,000 for a taxi (approx. 9 – 12 CAD).

We opted for the piki ride, which proved to be interesting as we navigated the thick traffic generated from the Eid holiday. Piki’s are a reality of living in Tanzania: they are quick, easy to access and affordable, but can be dangerous.

Case in point: As traffic suddenly came to a stop, we found ourselves bumper to bumper with the other vehicles, while a bus quite literally bumped into the back of the bike I was on. Thankfully, the bike had a rail on the back that intervened and took the brunt of the bump so we remained on the road unscathed.

We continued on our way, eventually veering off the main airport road towards the coast Malaika is situated on. I followed the second bike my roommate Helen was riding on, and watched as a street dog meandered onto the road and chased them, snapping at her ankle and eventually giving up.


Malaika beach resort reception desk, mwanza tanzania


Once we got to Malaika (in one piece might I add!), we were excited to finally relax. The fee for using the pool is 20,000 Tsh (approx 12 CAD) and should be paid in reception upon arrival. Apparently this fee increases to 30,000 on weekends, but includes a lunch buffet.




Malaika Beach resort infinity pool, mwanza tanzania


One of the staff members was kind enough to escort us to the pool and get us towels. Since we arrived early, around 9:30 am, we had our pick of the loungers. We settled on two in the sun that overlooked the rocky coast line.




Malaika beach resort food and drink, mwanza tanzania

Eating at Malaika: 

Food and drink at Malaika is relatively expensive for Tanzania, however, for a nice hotel resort it makes sense that costs would be inflated compared to more local spots in town. You have the option to dine in their indoor restaurant, or eat poolside from the comfort of your lounger.


Malaika beach resort food and drink, mwanza tanzania


If you intend to eat lunch at Malaika and go on the weekend, it is actually more economical because the lunch buffet is included in your ticket price (you pay an extra 10,000 per person) versus ordering off the menu. We ended up splitting a vegetable curry dish with a side of rice and plain nann bread from their menu, so it almost worked out to the same price of 10,000 each.


Malaika beach resort food and drink, mwanza tanzania

Total cost for a day at Malaika:

– Transportation from Mwanza city centre (piki piki) – 12,000 Tsh (6,000 per way)

– Entrance fee – 20,000 Tsh (per person on a weekday)

– Fresh juice – 5,000 Tsh

– Curry/rice/nann  – 23,000  Tsh (11,500 each, split by two people)

– Total = 48,500 Tsh (approx. 29 CAD)



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