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Hi, I’m Steph 🙂 Thanks for visiting my website!

If you’re new around here, let me introduce myself.

I’m a digital nomad transitioning from full time travel abroad to van life in my home country Canada!

You can read more about my story here.

I converted my 2013 GMC Savana van into a camper back in March…entirely on my own without any experience using tools. I mean, what could go wrong? Well, after being stranded in a snow storm due to highway closures, and then broke down on the side of the road the next day (all in my first week of van life), the ceiling crashed down (on account of my amateur building skills no doubt — let’s be honest, my dresser is secured with a zip tie). I guess you could say it’s been an adventure and I’m sharing the entire experience over on social media @thepinkbackpack.

Please go subscribe to my YouTube channel if you feel drawn to.

Most recently, I did my very first tree planting season in Western Canada at the age of 34. I managed to plant nearly 100K trees in my rookie season and avoid any major injuries so I’d say that’s a success!

I’ve been running this travel blog for 7 years now (though I’ve been traveling solo for far longer).

This blog aims to teach others how to solo travel and live a location independent lifestyle, as well as entertain with my crazy tales from the road.

I will also share more content on the outdoors, hiking, van life and tree planting in the coming months, but I’m open to taking requests if you have anything in particular you want to know, drop me a comment below!

Otherwise, feel free to browse through some of my posts below to learn more, or say hi on socials @thepinkbackpack.

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My Travel Resources:

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Travel Hacking / Budget Travel

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General Travel Tips

Dealing with Culture Shock

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hostel Etiquette

Travel Gift Guides

Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Female Traveller

Unique Travel Gifts for the Female Traveller

Vegan Stocking Stuffers for the Female Traveller

Travel Affiliate links

I’m an affiliate for several travel websites, which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As you can see, I only have a few. This is because I only advertise the products and websites I personally use over and over for my own travels.

It would mean a lot if you used my link to make any purchases — the profits go towards the cost of running this website and support me to create the free content I post on the interwebs. Ta!


You can shop anything on Amazon through my affiliate link here.

Trusted Housesitters

Wondering how I find my house and pet sits around the world? I’ve used Trusted Housesitters since 2019 and I’m still going strong. Basically you can stay for free in other people’s homes while they are away in exchange for looking after their pets. For animal lovers, this is a win win scenario. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in the last year doing long term house sits instead of renting accommodation.

Get 25% off an annual membership and in exchange I get a couple free months! Thanks for your support 🙂

Safety Wing

Get insured for your travels with insurance starting from as low as $40/month. I personally use Safety Wing’s digital nomad insurance, which covers health (including covid), travel and personal items like lost luggage or tech gear.

You can browse their package options here.

Pssst…this page contains affiliate links.

If you purchase a product through one of my links, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

This goes towards the cost of maintaining this website and creating free content for readers like you!

Please read my disclosure for more info. 

Thanks for your support.

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Ah yes, I have yet to visit Pakistan. Hopefully one day :)
October 6, 2022 at 12:41 am
Kamal ud Din said:
HI, Being a solo traveller, I learned many tips from your blogs. Thank you for making these all efforts. Though, there are many diestinations are still to be write about like Pakistan.
September 24, 2022 at 12:56 am