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GPSMyCity: Self Guided City Walks

GPSMyCity: Self Guided City Walks

GPS Guided technology is the latest and greatest trend to influence how we travel. A GPS guided travel app can help you make the most of your trip, meaning you spend less time navigating and more time enjoying yourself! GPSMyCity does just that – it combines all of the information of a travel article or guidebook, such as an itinerary and tips, with GPS directions to the places you want to visit.

Best of all, it’s super convenient and easy to use– while on wifi, you can download the city guide you are interested for free from the app. Once its uploaded, you can conveniently access the guide anytime while offline: use it on the plane, on the streets of LA or in the canals of Venice – wherever! This can save you tons of money on international roaming charges while traveling as you won’t need the internet to access destination related information.

If you decide you would like the GPS-guided version, you can pay a small upgrade fee, similar to purchasing a cup of coffee or a song on i-tunes.


It’s like your own self-guided walking tour, except way cheaper and without the tourists!


As an alternative to paying for day trips, tour guides or guide books, GPSMyCity can help you travel more efficiently and economically.


I am excited to announce that two of my articles have been turned into GPS guides on GPSMyCity:


A Weekend in Nashville

Toronto Travel


So, I’m partnering with GPSMyCity for the next week (from Monday Dec. 12th – Sunday Dec. 18th) to offer you a giveaway of the Weekend in Nashville upgraded GPS guided travel article so you can see how it works and try it out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Isn’t it good to go off the map so you can discover hidden gems or non-tourist spots?

A: Some people might argue that getting lost in a place is the best way to actually get to know it, but sometimes we simply don’t have the time to ‘get lost’. If you have limited time in a place and you don’t want to waste any of it navigating, GPSMyCity is for you! It is possible to lose yourself without actually getting lost!


Q: Won’t I need wifi to use the app?

A: No, that’s the best part! You can download the city guide while on wifi in the comfort of your home or in the airport, and then access the guide at any time while off wifi, wherever you are!


Q: What devices is the app compatible with?

A: For the time being, article apps are only available for iOS; the Android version is still under construction and should be released in 2017.

*EDIT* As of January 19, 2017, GPSMyCity is now available for Android devices!


Q: It sounds cool, but will it have the city I am interested in?

A: With over 700+ cities, GPSMyCity offers over 5,500 city walks and travel articles, ranging from tourist destinations to hidden local spots.


Q: How much does the app itself cost?

A: The app is entirely free to download. You can then choose whether to download free articles or upgrade to GPS guided articles for a small fee.

Note: If you purchase an upgrade to one of my articles on the app outside of the giveaway period, I will receive a few cents. This helps to offset the cost of running this blog!

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