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GPS My City GiveAway

GPS Guided technology is the latest and greatest trend to influence how we travel. A GPS guided travel app such as GPSMyCity, can help you make the most of your trip, meaning you spend less time navigating and more time enjoying yourself! (You can check out my full article featuring GPSMyCity for more details!)

Essentially, it combines all of the information of a travel article or guidebook, such as an itinerary and tips, with GPS directions to the places you want to visit.



I recently announced that two of my articles (A weekend in Nashville and Toronto Tourism) were turned into GPSMyCity apps.


I’m partnering with GPSMyCity for the next week (from Tuesday May. 16th – Monday May. 22nd) to offer you one of my FREE upgraded GPS guided travel article so you can see how it works and try it out free of cost!

You can access the Nashville one on the app site here, or the Toronto one here.



Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to try out GPSMyCity for FREE to travel as affordably and adventurously as possible.



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