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Fun Facts about Steph of The Pink Backpack

Want to know a little more about the human behind the Pink Backpack? Read more about this blog, or scroll below to learn some fun facts about Steph — that’s me, hi!

About Steph from The Pink Backpack

Working remotely from an island in Greece!

About Steph from The Pink Backpack

🇹🇿  I’m currently based in Tanzania.

💡  I have a PhD in health sciences and I used to work in health care as a rehabilitation therapist.

💻  Writing is one of my biggest passions and I journal obsessively. Sometimes I share my writing in my ‘pages from my journal’ series on instagram, though you can find the good stuff on my blog.

You might enjoy my bunkie diaries series, which resulted from my summer living in a 100sq. ft. bunkie.

(Related post: Tiny Living: I’m staying in a 100sq Foot Bunkie).

🌏  I’ve been in the travel writing space for 5+ years now after creating this blog in March 2016. I also have bylines in some travel pubs you might know like Fodors, World Nomads, Matador & Skyscanner.

✨  Recently, I launched a new project, a virtual yoga and meditation studio called The Akash Between after spending most of 2020 immersed in the study of yoga and meditation. I was first introduced to both during a backpacking trip through India in 2015, where I stayed in a yoga ashram and did a 10 day silent retreat in a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation centre.

Last year I wrote a sponsored post “2015 vs. 2020” in partnership with the Keralan tourism board reflecting on my experience in India, noting how my 2015 trip came full circle when I decided to take my practices to the next level and get my certifications to teach.

After finishing my PhD and not having a plan, I decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and launch a business during the pandemic, the new virtual studio.

🌱  I love being outside. I’m like a little plant baby, I need lots of sunlight to thrive. I love being near the water, and I have to say the time I spent living on an island in Greece at the end of 2020 was simply magical. The house was located at the top of a hill overlooking the sea and each day I took a break from work to walk down the hill to the beach and plunge into the ocean. (Related Blog Post: I moved to a Greek island during the global pandemic).

I’ve also lived in Western Canada where weekends were spent in the Rocky Mountains (Related Blog Post: I left my heart in the mountains), so maybe in a perfect world, I would love to live somewhere by the water and the mountains.

☕️  I can’t live without coffee. It’s the first thing I do each day and look forward to every morning! I even travel with a mini french press (you can find the one I use here).

📚  I love to read books. Right now I’m reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

🐷  I adore animals and haven’t touched meat in 6 years. I sometimes even have nightmares (aka meat-mares) that I accidentally ate meat.

✈️  I enjoy traveling (in case you couldn’t guess) and my favourite trip of all time was a solo backpacking trek by land through Africa. (Related post: Backpacking Africa: Overland Travel from South Africa to Tanzania). I backpacked through 10 countries in Africa from South Africa up to Tanzania and then all the way around Lake Victoria.

🦄  My personality type is INFJ which is apparently accounts for just 1% of the general population. By human design, I’m ‘the Manifestor’ type which is just 9% of the population, so basically I’m a unicorn 😂.. In the Enneagram personality test, I’m type 4 “the free spirit” and astrologically I’m a  cancer rising. If you haven’t already sensed this, I love taking personality tests and enjoy using them ultimately to learn more about myself as a tool to continue my personal growth and development.

🤍  I am v introverted which tends to surprise people, bc I’m also bubbly and outgoing. I like to be around others, but also enjoy my solitude. I’m basically a walking, taking contradiction.

🗣️  I can speak English (obviously) and Swahili. Since returning to Canada after finishing my PhD research, I didn’t use my language skills for over a year but now that I’m back in Tanzania I am pleasantly surprised I maintained a lot! (Related: Rosetta Stone Swahili Review: How I learned Swahili).

📝  One of my biggest dreams is to write a book, but one of my biggest fears is that no one would read it.

Tell me, did you learn something new about me?

Anything that surprised you?

Anything else you want to know?

Let me know in the comments below! 

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Hi Jenny, while I can't comment on this for certain as the regulations are continually changing, I believe the PCR test to enter most countries needs to be taken from 72-120 hours depending on the country in East Africa. Best of luck with your border crossing!
July 22, 2021 at 6:23 am
Jenny said:
Hi. Very nice blog. I am hoping to travel from Kenya to Tanzania via Isebania. I hav been told by 2 operators that my PCR covid test used to enter Nairobi from the US is good for 14 days to enter Tanzania through Kenya overland. Any chance if you know that is true? I would hate to be stuck at the border.
July 14, 2021 at 4:35 am